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Village of Edinburg PA

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  1. Does anyone remember the small country store near the 551 and River Road? My grandmother had that little store for many years, I believe dating back to the late 1920’s. The store was still open in 1961, that is when we moved to Arizona, I was 9 years old then. Also, does anyone remember the Oakland Sportsman’s Club on River road? I used to fish in the lake there, had big catfish. I wish we would never have moved away, I will consider Edinburg as my home.

  2. The photograph of the white house, lower left, overgrown with ivy …I’m curious! Where did this photo come from? Who submitted it or photographed it? I am 95% certain i can identify this house with more photos and history.

  3. To John Cifra: I think I remember the little store. Was it called Molly’s by the locals? My family didn’t live in Edenburg, but close by on Ambrosia Road, across from Joe & Red’Ambrosia’s big farm. We may have ridden the same bus if you went to school there between 1959-1961.

  4. Does any one have any information on the tiny log cabin that is on west street. My grad mother said it was a relative of hers who had built it. Which her last name before marriage was louden. And if I remember correctly her family had been born and raised in Edinburgh. If any one has more information I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. I am doing some historical research about old railroad lines and I have a few questions about Edinburg’s history.

    First, what is the date when Edinburg was founded?

    Second, was Edinburg ever known as Edenburg? I noticed a old photo train station sign that had Edenburg on it.

    Any info on the history of Edinburg (or Edenburg) in Lawrence County, PA is appreciated..

    Thank you

    Jeffrey Calta

  6. Regarding the question about the store that is mentioned, I believe it was owned by Molly Sherrard (ms?). May be wrong on the spelling but not the name. I have a photo of it.


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