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Masonic Lodge - New Castle PA

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The fraternal organization of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order began work on this $50,000 building on North Street in mid-1904. After some delay it was finally opened with a grand reception on Thursday, November 16, 1905. The Masons occupied the top two floors, while the Lawrence Club – a social club of prominent businessmen founded in 1899 – took over the first two floors. This building was occupied by these societies until the new Lawrence Club opened in July 1925, and the Masons opened the magnificent Scottish Rite Cathedral in 1926. It was later sold and utilized by various businesses over the years. (c1912) Full Size



The roster of early local members of the Masons included such surnames as Butz, Crawford, Dana, Dunn, DuShane, Falls, Greer, Hazen, Hoyt, Phillips, Raney, Seavy, and Wallace. (1913) Full Size



The Masons vacated this building when new quarters were occupied in the Scottish Rite Cathedral in November 1926. (1922) Full Size

The old Masonic Lodge building is still in use today as office space. (Mar 2013) Full Size

(Mar 2013)

(Mar 2013)


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