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Old Photos - Mahoning Twnp (Law Co.) PA

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The home of James H. McBride of Mahoning Township. McBride, of Scotch-Irish descent, was born in 1855 on the family homestead near the Ohio border and spent his whole life there. He attended Westminster College and worked in his father’s blacksmith shop. He was later well-known as a farmer and a rural mailman. He married Helen Anderson and later Marietta Jackson, and had at least two children. (c1904) Full Size

The residence of Thomas J. Carlisle, who was born in 1854 to a promiment family in Allegheny Township. His grandfather owned a large tract of land on which Pittsburgh is now located, and his uncle was famous industrialist Benjamin “B.F.” Jones. Carlisle, married to Lynda Phillips, later relocated to Mahoning Township and purchased two large farms. (c1905) Full Size

Alva F. Book and family. Book (1878-1947) was the son of Ferdinand Book and grandson of Jacob Book. He married Annie Wallace and together they had three children. Book, of German ancestry, operated a large farm near Edinburg for much of his life. He was heavily involved with the Edinburg Methodist Church. (c1906) Full Size


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