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Rotary Club No. 89 - New Castle PA

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The Rotary Club of New Castle was organized during a meeting at the Leslie Hotel on Thursday, November 6, 1913. On that evening about thirty local businessmen met with the intention of organizing for “the encouragement and protection of trade and commerce.” Attorney George W. Muse was elected as the first president and other prominent members included Edgar E. Seavy, George W. Johnson, Fred L. Rentz, and Albert L. Thayer. The above photo, taken by George Getty in March 1961, features some of the past presidents of the Rotary Club #89. In the front row from left its Robert A. Eckles, Delace Cole, Orville Flora, Fred Allen, and Albert Knecht. In the second row from left its Harold Hadsell, Lewis Dayton, Delbert Denniston, William G. Eckles, Alfred Bennett, and Sidney Lockley. The third row is J. Fred Rentz, Frank Burton, Thomas Foley, Joseph McFate, Welty Rugh, and Blair Alverson. (1961) Full Size


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