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Lincoln Restaurant - New Castle PA

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The Lincoln Restaurant, named in honor of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, was opened at #9 East Washington Street on “the Diamond” on Saturday, September 23, 1933. The first floor of the building was severely damaged by a fire on August 18, 1954, but was remodeled and reopened in June 1955. The restaurant closed in c1970 and became the new home of the MP Coney Island restaurant in March 1971. (c1950) Full Size

The interior of the Lincoln Restaurant. I believe the Singer Sewing Company may have been one of the original occupants of the three-story building at #9 East Washington Street in the late 1800’s. Among the later occupants were the Star Store clothing establishment (c1917-1922), John Bright Shoe Store (1922), Crisci Brothers grocery (1922-1923), American Restaurant (1924), and the Waldorf Restaurant (1925-1933). The Salvation Army and Penn Power may have had offices in the building for a time, and during the 1950’s a shooting range was opened on the third floor. (c1950) Full Size

Two ladies standing in front of the Lincoln Restaurant. (c1955) (Photo provided courtesy of Mike Chachich – all rights reserved by him) Full Size


  1. I am the daughter of George Stamatis. My father, George used to own the Lincoln. I have very fond memories growing up there and remember every inch of the place. They had the best pies ever that my grandmother would bake. My father bought the restaurant in 1946 and sold it in the sixties. Would love to see more pictures.

  2. I had many meals there in the 40s,50s, 60s, and was sorry to see it close. If my memory is correct, there was a store called The Outlet next door.


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