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Camp Eastbrook/Sherman Acres - Eastbrook PA

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In 1915 the three-acre “Eastbrook Fresh Air Camp,” managed by the Associated Charities of New Castle, was opened along the Neshannock Creek in East Brook. The camp was the dream of Howard H. Beck, a manager at the Carnegie Steel Company, a prominent member of the Associated Charities, and a well known local humanitarian who supported poor and disadvantaged folks. The goal was to send kids from poor families to the summer camp. In 1920 the YWCA of New Castle took over temporary management of the camp, renamed as Camp Eastbrook, and began using it as a girl’s only summer camp. (c1940) Full Size

This dormitory and dining hall, designed by the W. G. Eckles architectural firm, were constructed at Camp Eastbrook in 1921. The surrounding Quest farm property was soon purchased by the wealthy Grace Phillips Johnson, who donated it outright to the YWCA. The girls only camp was eventually expanded to about forty acres and included cabins, a recreation hall, and a large swimming pool. The YWCA camp was closed in 1973 and acquired by the City Rescue Mission for $37,500 for use as a summer camp. It was renamed as Sherman Acres and operated for disadvantaged children who were part of the Sankey Youth Program. It was closed in c1997 and the property was sold off. (1921) Full Size

An early advertisement for Camp Eastbrook, which was taken over by the YWCA in 1920 and converted into a girls only camp. (1922) Full Size

A view of the dormitory at Camp Eastbrook. (Photo provided by Sandy Tucker) (Jul 1940)

The swimming pool at Camp Eastbrook. (Sandy Tucker photo) (Jul 1940)

A young camper named Norma Lee Fulton. (Sandy Tucker photo) (Jul 1940)

A swimming instructor named “Miss Margaret.” (Sandy Tucker photo) (Jul 1940)

The swimming pool at Camp Eastbrook. This postcard was sent from the camp in July 1964 to New Castle. The inscription reads, “Hi! I’m having a ball. Yesterday it rained but that didn’t stop the fun. We had church in the mess hall and the counslers (sic) cooked a dinner of hot dogs. Two teeth of mine fell out this week and I got a dime each time! Has been pretty rainy but I’m having fun. Love, LaVerne.” (Jul 1964) Full Size

Mr. Thomas Outhwaite, the handy man and pool supervisor at Camp Eastbrook. The photo has another inscription that reads ‘Mr. Fix-it.’ Outhwaite was also a Christian missionary and accomplished church choir leader. (Jul 1940) (Sandy Tucker photo)

Photo marked as “Last Course of a Lawn Picnic. Fran Davis, Miss Louise, and Miss Dorothy.” (Jul 1940) (Sandy Tucker photo)

An aerial view of the former Camp Eastbrook/Sherman Acres facility in Hickory Township. (c2012)


  1. Our church spent a weekend sanding and varnishing the floors back in the 80’s .we also had some Winter fun days there. Great Place.

  2. I spent many wonderful days at Camp Eastbrook. I recall “Esh,” our director. I learned to swim in the pool. (I hated having to dive down in the deep end to get the dead frogs.) My favorite Caper was as a table hopper. We set the tables, served the food, and made sure everyone had what they needed at meals. If your cabin earned the Happy Caper prize for the day, you made sure no one messed it up the rest of the day! And I recall Esh coming upstairs in the dorm with a badminton racket to dispatch the rogue bat or two.

  3. I remember Miss E as the kindly director of the Camp when I attended in 1969. Remember performing plays in the Dining Hall after dinner and loved swimming in the pool. I have photos somewhere which I hope to locate someday and will pppost here. Camp Eastbrook was a great experience and my first time away from home!


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