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Simon Harrold Mansion - Beaver Falls PA

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Simon Harrold (1840-1902), a well-known building contractor, was born in Ohio and later settled in Beaver Falls. He served as a director of the First National Bank of Beaver Falls and with the state House of Representatives from 1899-1900. He built this house on 11th Street & 3rd Avenue, across the street from the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, in 1894. He resided here with his wife Louisa and five children until he passed away in 1902. (c1910) (Photo courtesy of Bill Cwynar)Full Size

The old Harrold Mansion in Beaver Falls. It was later owned by the Fowler family, which operated a popular grocery store in Monaca. (2014) (Photo by Bill Cwynar) Full Size


  1. My best friend and her family purchased the house from the estate of Rachelle Faller in 2010. She lives there with her husband,their 4 children, and her parents. It is a wonderful house!
    I’ve been researching the history of the house and its occupants for her. The mansion (which is on the corner of 11th and FOURTH Ave) was first inherited by Simon Harrold’s oldest daughter Julia C Harrold after her mother’s death. Julia and 2 of her unmarried sisters, along with a 3rd widowed sister lived there. Julia died in 1954, and the house was sold to Harry and Rachelle FALLER (not Fowler- that was a typo in a newspaper article) The Faller family owned the Penn Super Market in Monaca. (that grocery started out as a grocery on 3rd Ave in Beaver Falls owned by Harry’s parents Jacob and Yetta Faller.)
    The info comes directly from the property deeds recorded with the Beaver County Courthouse.
    According to an early history book about the area, this is the second dwelling Simon Harrold built on this property. Also, the date noted above seems to be later than what is in other records.

    It is amazing that only two families owned that house for all those years!

    I was wondering if there was a way to get digital un-watermarked copies of the two photos above? I’d love to send them to my friend.


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