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Crawford-Oak Ridge Home - Taylor Twnp (New Castle) PA

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In late 1926 the wealthy John L. Crawford, the youngest son of pioneering industrialist Alexander L. Crawford, donated his former home on Atlantic Avenue to the New Castle Quota Club, a women’s service organization. The Quota Club, with ambitious intentions, renovated and reopened the large brick mansion (on right in photo) as a residence and clubhouse for poor working woman. It was known as the Crawford-Oak Ridge Club, but due to a lack of occupants the facility was soon shut down. The county began leasing the facility in late 1931 and opened an orphanage known as the Crawford-Oak Ridge Home for Children. It was designed to help alleviate overcrowding at the Margaret Henry Home and took on about two dozen boys and girls. The facility was closed in 1938 and converted into a National Youth Administration (NYA) Work Center, part of a New Deal program to provide part-time work and job training to young adults aged 16-25. Before too long the center became a girls only facility that taught domestic household skills – and then wartime industry training during World War II. It was closed down in c1944 and at some point reopened as a nursing home. I believe the facility was lost to fire sometime in the 1970’s. Today the site is home to several private residences on North Liberty Street/Atlantic Avenue. (c1930) (Lawrence County Historical Society photo) Full Size


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    This is a great story about the house!


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