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First National Bank of New Castle/Lawrence County - New Castle PA

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The First National Bank of New Castle was established in 1864 and grew out of the old Phillips Brothers Bank on East Washington Street. It was originally located in the old Pierce Hotel, but soon took up quarters in a building (shown above) shared with a drug store operated by William Horner. It was the first “national bank” opened in the county and operated under the standardized regulations of the National Banking Acts of 1863-1865. In 1874 prominent businessman Samuel Foltz (1826-1878), who operated the private Foltz Bank, acquired a controlling interest took over as President. A decade later the Foltz Bank was closed and merged into the First National Bank of New Castle. Foltz passed away suddenly in 1878 (he was trampled by a runaway horse) and was subsequently succeeded as President by his son William S. Foltz, another son Samuel Foltz Jr., and then Alexander C. Hoyt. (1885)

In the late 1880’s the bank moved into the new Bank Building (shown above), shared with a handful of other banking outfits, on East Washington and Mercer Streets. In June 1926 it was decided to merge with the National Bank of Lawrence County to form the “new” First National Bank of Lawrence County. This merger became official in early January 1927 as plans for a massive new six-story bank building were worked out. The old bank building was razed beginning in June 1927 as the bank took up temporary quarters in a nearby building. (1890) Full Size

Prominent businessman and banker Samuel Foltz took over as President of this bank in 1874. He served it that role until his untimely death at the age of fifty-two in 1878. (c1875)

Two of his sons, William S. Foltz (shown above) and Samuel Foltz Jr., served as President from 1878-1912 and 1912-1931 respectively. (c1910)

Alexander C. Hoyt assumed the role of President in 1931 and would be associated with the bank for many years. (1930)

This notice announces the pending merger of the First National Bank of New Castle with the First National Bank of Lawrence County. (Dec 1926)

Just over a year later, on Saturday, August 18, 1928, an open house was held for the magnificent new home of the First National Bank of Lawrence County. The bank occupied the first two floors of the structure while the upper floors were leased out to other businesses. (c1930)

Years later the bank went through numerous mergers to become the First National Bank of Western Pennsylvania in 1980, First Western Bank in 1993, Sky Bank in 1999, and Huntington Bank in 2007. (c1929)

The building, now home to Huntington Bank, is still in use today. (c1975)

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