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Old Photos - Eastbrook PA

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My uncle John “Merle” Bales (1920-1982) at the family home on East Maitland Lane near Eastbrook. I believe this homestead was located right about where Hanna Lane is now located – just east of where the Neshannock Creek flows under East Maitland Lane. The Bales family lived here during the 1920’s. (c1925) Full Size

A young James “Jimmy” Bales Jr. (1922-2009), Merle’s younger brother, at the family home on East Maitland Lane. He is pictured here with the family’s two Airedale Terriers. (1923) Full Size


  1. GREW UP at 1325 1/2 East Maitland Lane. What wonderful memories. My Aunt and Uncles house has been torn down. My grandparents house is still standing . My 2nd cousin is living in the house
    I grew up in. The home place looks really great.

  2. My sister and I spent our summers as kids at our Grand parents home in Eastbrook back in the 70’s. The house is still there but sadly no longer in the family. The Reibers lived across the street and we had many fun summers playing together in the creek that ran past both our homes, I believe it is called Hettenbaugh Run…..Fond memories.

  3. My uncle and aunt (Clarence, and Pearl Cook) lived on that street. My mother (Patricia Harris) was born in a house , two doors down. Was my favorite place to visit. Don’t know if I’d go back after 45 years, or just cherish the memories.

  4. Hettenbaugh run….I remember it running so high it was a bigger river than many of the “rivers” I have lived by here in TN and Alabama

  5. I lived in Eastbrook for 10 years when I was a kid. Used to get all the kids in town to help me building dams on that creek. Pearl Dean worried I was going to flood the town out. That didn’t happen and as big as we made the dams that little creek, in a storm, just destroyed every dam we made,all the rocks just disappeared it was amazing the fury it had.

  6. I helped Fred Wettich build a dam under the bridge on Taylor rd. Ee got a big downpour and the dam held for a while and the water went through East Brook and through our house. What a mess. New floors, furnace, well and a lot of cleaning. But we had fun in the creek


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