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Snow & Flood of March 1936 - Harbor PA

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The winter of 1935-1936 was a bitter one with heavy snowfall throughout the eastern United States. This photo shows an abandoned vehicle near the village of Harbor in Lawrence County. Unusually warm weather on March 16, 1936, followed by heavy rains, set the stage for a disaster beginning on March 17. About a dozen states in the Mid-Atlantic region were inundated with severe flooding. Lawrence County suffered greatly, but it was nothing compared to the waters that swamped downtown Pittsburgh. Damage in that city amounted to about $4.5 billion (in 2014 dollars). Steel mills were closed, electricity was lost, train service was halted, thousands of buildings were destroyed, and most importantly sixty-nine people were killed in what became known as the “Great St. Patrick’s Day Flood.” (Mar 1936) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size

A snowplow clears the Old Youngstown Road (Route 422) near Harbor. (Mar 1936) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size

A view of the Old Youngstown Road near Harbor on March 19, 1936. (Mar 1936) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size


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