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Polish Falcons Nest No. 146 - New Castle PA

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The Polish Falcons of America is a fraternal organization started in the United States back in 1887 with a goal of helping win eventual independence for the homeland of Czarist-controlled Poland. It had a heavy emphasis on maintaining top physical and mental fitness for its members. During the Great War (World War I) over 22,000 Polish-Americans were trained for military action and eventually became part of the 100,000-strong “Blue Army.” This group fought the Germans and helped formed the core of the post-war Polish Army. The Polish Falcons Nest #146 was founded in New Castle in 1909, and opened their own building at #103 W. Miller Street in 1914. This building was gutted by a fire in November 1955, but was rebuilt and re-opened in late 1958. (1959) Full Size

The interior of the newly rebuilt Polish Falcons Hall on West Miller Street. The original building was gutted by fire in November 1955. A fund-raising campaign was commenced and the hall was rebuilt and enlarged. Just before it was to open in June 1958 another fire caused significant damage. The grand re-opening was delayed for some time while repairs were undertaken. The lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary in October 1959. (1959) Full Size

An early gymnastics class held at the Polish Falcons club in New Castle. (1914) Full Size

The young men of the club took pride in being trained in the military arts. You can bet that many of these men fought the Germans during the latter stages of World War I. The Polish-American soldiers, serving together in the “Blue Army,” helped form the core of the post-war Polish Army. (1914) Full Size

A mock Polish wedding performed by members of the Falcon Dramatic Circle. (1959) Full Size

Sporting events were always a passion among the members of the Polish Falcons organization. The lodge sponsored a basketball team from 1923 until 1952. The teams played in various local leagues and tournaments and also against other Polish teams. (1935) Full Size

In 1943 the Falcons Nest #143 started an in-house bowling league that became very popular. The best players would also represent the lodge in the Polish Falcons national tournament held once a year. (1946) Full Size

Women bowlers that represented Nest #146 – and took first place – during an early April 1959 district tournament held at the club. This superb team also won first place in the Polish Falcons National Bowling Tournament in Erie later that month. (1959) Full Size

The men’s softball team that went 14-1 in regular season of the 1959 Slavic Slo Pitch League. They took the first two games against the K. Pulaski Club in a best of three playoff series. In the championship round they found themselves tied 1-1 in games with the Slovak Club, but won the deciding contest 9-0 to take the league title. Champs! (1959) Full Size


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