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Pulaski Fair - Pulaski PA

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In early 1903 a group of investors formed the Pulaski Fair Association with the intention of establishing a county fair in Pulaski Township. The 40-acre Buchanan farm, just to the north of the village of Pulaski, was soon purchased and built up. Access from New Castle was made possible via several railroads that had passenger stations in Pulaski and a few small steamers that plowed the Shenango River. The first annual “Pulaski Fair” was held from September 29-October 1, 1903, and was in operation for two decades. The fair was closed down after the 1923 event as the more successful “New Castle Fair” began to take hold in Hickory Township. (c1910) Full Size

This photo is believed to depict the site of the Pulaski Fair from 1903-1923. It is now the site of an industrial area and a flea market near where Routes 551 and 468 meet just north of Pulaski. The back of this postcard, sent to Mis Elsie Little in Loysburg PA, has an inscription that reads, “Have you got your shoes cleaned yet? If you haven’t just lay them away and I will clean them when I come down. Have you taken any long walks lately? Mrs Shaffer came up the other day. The Spook In The Cellar.” (1911)

An advertisement for the Pulaski Fair. (Sept 1914)

This aerial photo shows the area around the village of Pulaski in June 1939. You can clearly see the race track that was part of the old fairgrounds. The Pulaski Fair was staged at this location from 1903-1923. The railroad tracks that brought folks from New Castle and other locations are also visible. The race track is now gone and today the site features several industrial plants along Route 551. (1939) Full Size


  1. Thank you for the information, I have one of the stock shares that were issued in 1903 for the Pulaski Fair Association it was issued to my great grandfather for 50 dollars. I did not know what it was until I found your site Thank you for your website. Mark

  2. My grandfather owns a farm on 192 Pulaski road and I was wondering if you have any info on the farm I may not know because it goes back about 200 years and had several owners one named George Watson who was an organizer of the fair? Thanks


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