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Dome/Paramount/Vogue/Cinema Theater - New Castle PA

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The Dome Theater, located at #310 East Washington Street, was built in about 1914 during the silent film era of Hollywood. The theater was built on property owned by Charles McCandless (1862-1960), who had previously operated a butcher shop at the location for over two decades. The new theater was owned by Greek businessmen Speer G. Marousis and William Marousis, brothers who owned and operated several theaters and businesses in New Castle during the coming years. I believe it was closed and sold during the Great Depression and reopened as the Paramount Theater in about 1937. (c1955) Full Size

It was later sold to William Colella and re-branded as the Vogue Theater on July 1, 1950. Due to declining business it was closed in late 1956. A new management team attempted to reopen it as the New Vogue Theater, but it was soon closed for good during 1957. Ernest and George Stern, who also owned the Hi-Lander Theater, purchased the theater from the McCandless family in January 1968. They undertook major renovations and opened the renamed Cinema Theater – with about 340 seats – on Friday, November 22, 1968. The initial feature was Stanley Kubrick’s ’2001: A Space Odyssey.’ It was eventually closed in 2003 and torn down in August 2007. (c1967) Full Size

An advertisement promoting the upcoming grand opening of the Vogue Theater. (Jun 1950)

An old advertisement for the Dome Theater in New Castle. (May 1918) Full Size


  1. During the 50’s when I was growing up in N C, we went to the the Vogue about every Sunday. I remember you had to walk up and part the curtains on the side of the screen to use the restrooms. Many memories in that theater!

  2. I remember Carolyn Dute


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