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Pulaski United Presbyterian Church - Pulaski PA

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In May 1837 a group of Scots-Irish settlers meet in the village of Pulaski and decided to petition the Presbyterian Church for permission to start their own church. After approval was granted the settlers formally organized themselves the coming September. They held their initial services in the local schoolhouse and were served by supply pastors for several years. William Byers, who helped lay out the village back in 1832, donated land in 1841 and a frame church was erected soon after. The Reverend Henry Webber arrived in 1845 and was installed as the first fulltime pastor. A new and much larger church (shown above) was dedicated on January 10, 1889. It was improved many times over the years and was renamed as the Pulaski United Presbyterian Church in about 1960. A large brick addition was dedicated in October 1967. The congregation celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2012 and the church is still in operation today. (May 2014) Full Size

(May 2014)

(May 2014)

(May 2014) Full Size


  1. How lovely to see pictures of the church where my Grandmother and I used to attend services. I have a Pulaski question,but not about the church: do you know if the old building we used to call the Sportsmans Building still stands? It was across from the elementary school. We used to have a wonderful carnival every year called the Homecoming. I think the last one was in the late 1960s.
    Thanks for the pictures of my old hometown!


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