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Grand Union Tea Company - New Castle PA

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The Grand Union Tea Company, which sold fine teas from the Far East and assorted food items, was opened in the Wallace Block on “the Diamond” in about 1898. The store was part of the chain operated by the Jones Brothers Tea Company out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The local business later moved to #821 East Washington Street. After 1937, when the store was fully converted into a grocery store, it was known as the Grand Union Company. The store later relocated into the New Penn Hotel on South Mercer Street and remained in operation until it was closed in the early 1960’s. (c1908) Full Size

An advertising card of the Grand Union Tea Company. The company greatly expanded and by the early 1930’s had 700 stores – having evolved into one of the largest grocery store chains in the country. Grand Union was a popular supermarket chain throughout the Northeast during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The last Grand Union store was closed in 2013. (c1910) Full Size

By 1912 the Grand Union Tea Company had 200 stores throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states, and also utilized a small army of about 5,000 door-to-door salesmen (like the one shown above). The salesmen, with their horse-drawn wagons, peddled the company’s products in the rural areas. (1913) Full Size


  1. I am looking for more information about the location because I found a part of a bottle in my yard for this company


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