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Strouss-Hirshberg Company - New Castle PA

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German immigrants Isaac Strouss and Bernard Hirshberg partnered together and founded the Strouss-Hirshberg Company, a successful dry goods business, in Youngstown in 1875. In 1929 the company acquired the Frew Building at North & Mill Streets and opened a branch store in downtown New Castle. The modern building had been built in 1924 for the Frew Furniture Store. Strouss-Hirshberg took over the bottom two floors and basement and opened for business on Saturday, September 14, 1929. In 1940 the Frew Furniture Store moved and Strouss-Hirshberg then occupied the entire building. (1929) Full Size

Strouss-Hirshberg, one of the most popular department stores in New Castle, was merged with the May Department Stores in 1946, but continued in operation as “Strouss.” The downtown Strouss store suffered during the 1970’s as suburban malls came into prominence. In early 1986 it was announced that Strouss would be merged into the Kaufmann’s chain. The New Castle location, the last of the original Strouss-Hirshberg stores, was closed soon after. This brought an end of the Strouss-Hirshberg empire after 111 years of operation. The historic building was subsequently razed and the site became a parking lot. (1929) Full Size

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