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McKee & Warnock Garage - Eastbrook PA

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In 1925 two partners, W. Clyde “Skinny” McKee (1902-1994) and Theodore S. “Ted” Warnock (1902-1955), opened a gas station and automobile repair garage in Eastbrook. Both men were married, started families, attended local churches, and lived nearby. They soon erected and operated out of a new building (shown above) across from the Eastbrook United Methodist Church. The garage was later enlarged with an additional bay. The two men were partners for many years until Warnock passed away at age of fifty-five in June 1955. McKee continued to operate the business until he retired in 1969. (1940) (Photo courtesy of Ted Warnock) Full Size

The garage, located at #2397 Eastbrook Road, was later home to a body shop. Part of the building was also converted into an apartment home. It was ravaged by a raging fire on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 25, 2013. A detached garage and neighboring home were also damaged. A woman residing in the apartment was able to escape. (Aug 2013) Full Size


  1. Skeeter also lived next to garage in house to left. He was a successful pitcher in the old industrial leagues of the 20’2 and 30’s. He could still dance the ball in 68 and 69 as he would come up to eastbrook school and tass the ball to us kids after little league.

    The garage was also directly across from Rogers Road and a bit west of the Methodist ch.


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