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C. W. Sitler General Store - Enon Valley

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This large building, once owned by prominent local resident George Herr (1832-1900), was located on Main Street just beside the PRR train station in “New” Enon Valley. It primarily served as a largest general store in Enon Valley for many years. The Enon Valley Post Office was also located here for some time and was the scene of several daring robberies in the early 1900’s. Cary W. Sitler (1877-1961), a native of Leetonia OH, and his wife Elizabeth operated a grocery and general store here (shown above) from about 1901 until they relocated to Denver CO in about 1915. This building housed various stores for the next several decades until it was finally torn down in the late 1960’s. (c1910) Full Size


  1. Hi, Jeff! Thanks for this photo—I’ve never seen it before. The Enon Station P.O. was located in this building for a time. This was also Enon’s Big Store, “Everything for Everybody,” one of the first proprietors being George Herr. It was located on the west side of Main Street, Route 551, just north of the brick Enon Station (built in 1877). The Post Office was also in a frame building that was once shared with the Enon Valley Phone Company. It is now in a 60’s-era building on Vine Street, Route 351.

    This building in the photo stood until the late 1960s, with the Masonic Lodge meeting on the top floor, until one of the owners doing renovations took out some load bearing walls and the floor began to give way. Nevertheless, the building had to be torn down, and some locals kept some of the bricks for souvenirs. The Masons built a modern building just north of town in Little Beaver Twp, near Old Enon. Enon’s Big Store—Just one more thing that’s “not here anymore.”

  2. I loved seeing this old picture of the store in Enon Valley that my dad, Palmer Yoder, owned from 1950-1957. We lived in a large white house just north of the store., until Dad sold the store to Paul Moore and bought a grocery store on College Hill in Beaver Falls. I have great childhood memories of living in Enon (3rd -10th grade). My younger brother Tom and I rode our bikes all over the town. I also recall Amish folks driving their buggies into Enon to shop at Dad’s store. There were hitching posts out front for their use. Thanks for the pictures of Enon.

  3. To Diane Yoder
    My sister Teresa and I used to play with you and your brother. We used your store every week because our mother, Gertrude Radaker Martin knew your mother, Zelia Snyder from Armstrong County. Zelia married Pal; Trude married Charles Martin and we came together in Enon in 1950. There is much I don’t recall, but I do remember you and the store. Don’t mean to pry, but I would enjoy a response if you wish. Teresa lives in Illinois, would also remember you.
    Best wishes, Jim Martin August 14, 2019


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