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Riley's Funspot - Parkstown Corners PA

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McKeesport residents Thomas E. Riley (1900-1987), a longtime golf enthusiast, and his wife Zetta purchased a 13.5-acre property in 1947 at the intersection of Route 224 and Old Youngstown Road in Union Township. It was located near the new Skyline Drive-In Theater and the Riley’s had plans to open a golfing range. Riley’s Golf Driving Range and associated golf store opened for business in July 1948 and a miniature golf course known as Playmor Golf was added a year later. Riley later added an archery range, batting cages, trampolines, playground, concession stand, and an arcade. In time the area of “Parkstown Corners” became a thriving teenage hangout as a bowling alley, skating rink, and go-kart track were
also built. (1967) Full Size

An advertisement announcing the grand opening of Riley’s Funspot. (Jun 1948)

Tom Riley Sr. started his new business as a golfing center, but then added numerous other recreations in the coming years. His kids Tom Jr. and Kathleen also worked at the facility. (c1955)

Thomas Riley Sr. (shown above) was a skilled golf pro and had previously owned a driving range in McKeesport. When he retired his son Tom Riley Jr. took over management of the business. (c1970)

Riley’s Golfing Center, after the addition of numerous other recreational activities, became known as Riley’s Funspot in about 1956. (c1962)

Riley’s Funspot was a longtime haven for local teenagers and had its heyday during the 1950’s and 1960’s. (2006)

Riley’s Funspot closed by the early 2000’s and the 13.5-acre property was sold to a local developer in late 2006. The Butler County Community College (BCCC) subsequently opened a new satellite campus at the location in the fall of 2008. The former buildings and structures of Riley’s Funspot have since been cleared away. (c2008)


  1. When Mr. Riley bought and started construction on the FunSpot, my grandfather, H.L. Fry — who ran a gas station/restaurant a half mile East, asked him : “Well, Riley, are you putting in a gas station to give me some competition?” To which Mr. Riley replied,“No, Fry, I’m putting in a place where the kids can have some fun.” My granddad said, “You’re a fool, too.” Well, Mr. Riley ended-up a lot more beloved and richer fool than my grandfather…


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