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Ellwood City - Ewing Park (Housing Area)

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In the early 1900’s the Shelby Steel Company had been acquiring farmland in Hazel Dell across the Connoquenessing Creek from its National Tube plant (“Tube Mill”). By early 1918 the Shelby Company committed about $800,000 to build a bridge, homes, and several small apartment buildings in addition to other improvements. The area became known as The Shelby Land Company Plan, or more popularly as Wayne Park. Soon after the opening of the bridge in September 1919 the new homes, maybe numbering about seventy-five, were sold to employees of the Tube Mill. (1939) Full Size

By early 1920 the community was renamed as Ewing Park in honor of National Tube executive and attorney Thomas Ewing, who had worked diligently on the legal aspects of the new settlement. The east-west streets are named after the first four U.S. Presidents to include Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, while the north-south streets are named after Allied military leaders during World War I to include Pershing, Joffre, Byng, Foch, Petain, Wood, Haig, Beatty, and Haig. (c1970) Full Size

Homes are being constructed on the east side of Byng Street, just north of Jefferson Avenue. Byng Street is named in honor of British Army General Julian “Bungo” Byng, who served with distinction during World War I and later served as the Governor General of Canada from 1921-1926. (c1919) Full Size

A view of work along Foch Street in Ewing Park, just north of Adams Street. Foch Street is named in honor of French Army General Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929), who became Commander-in-Chief of all Allied Armies during World War I France. (c1919) Full Size

The large brick house at center of photo is located at the northwest corner of Pershing Street and Adams Avenue. Pershing Street is named in honor of one of our country’s most famous military leaders – U.S. Army General John J. ‘Black Jack’ Pershing (1860-1948) – who led the American Expeditionary Force during World War I. (c1919) Full Size


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