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New Castle Police Department - New Castle PA

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The New Castle Police Department was established in 1875 with just a few patrolmen. I believe Joseph Robinson (1844-1902), a Civil War veteran, was appointed as the first official Chief of Police in 1883. The department grew in the coming years and the photo above depicts the the force in 1927. Henry Dysart (1884-1936), a veteran motorcycle cop, served as Chief of Police from 1925-1932. Also shown above is Harrison M. “Buck” Reynolds (1888-1971), who served as County Sheriff from 1926-1930 and a Justice of the Peace in Union Township for many years. (1927) Full Size


  1. Thank you for posting this picture. My grandfather is in this picture. He was the first African American police officer in the city of new castle. Please if at all possible could you post more pictures of the police officers. My father and uncle were both police officers. Jesse Gunn and Ray Webber.

  2. My grandfather was a policeman back in the 40’s and 50s, his name was George R. Houston.


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