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Crescent Theater - Mahoningtown PA

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The Crescent Theater was opened in Mahoningtown in 1914 with William Wray serving as manager. It was located at the southwest intersection of North Liberty Street and West Madison Avenue. The theater managed to survive during the Great Depression and was purchased by Charles and Louis Perretta in the mid-1930’s. In late 1937 the two were in court fighting over ownership of the theater – and it appears Louis took control. The building was extensively remodeled a few years later. The theater was heavily damaged by a spectacular fire on the early morning of Sunday, May 4, 1941. It was soon rebuilt (shown above) and reopened on Thursday, September 18, 1941. (1959) (John Oberleitner photo)

The Crescent Theater was lost to a devastating fire in May 1941. This advertisement announces the re-opening of the “New” Crescent Theater on Saturday, September 18, 1941. (1941) Full Size

The Crescent Theater eventually closed in 1959, but the building subsequently served as the home of the New Castle Playhouse from 1961 until 1970. Afterwards it sat mostly vacant and was slated for demolition by early 1975. In late May 1975 the 240 seats were advertised for sale and the theater was torn down about a month later. (c1958)


  1. I remember going to the show (as we use to call it) for a dime. Pop corn was a nickel as was candy. If I was lucky enough to have a quarter I would go to Linger Light Dairy across the street and get a nickle ice cream cone before the show. I use to go in anytime and when the movie came to the part where I came in I was up and off to home. What a good memory.


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